Let’s Reduce Confusion! Florentine Poppy #1 and #2 Depression Glass Plates and Bowls

Florentine #1 Poppy Green Depression Glass Dinner Plate

We've explored the differences between Florentine Poppy #1 and #2 for tumblers, sherbets, cups, creamers and sugars.  Let's take one last pass through with plates and bowls.  You can read the earlier … [Read more...]

Let’s Reduce Confusion: Florentine Poppy #1 and #2 Cups, Sherbets and Cream Soups

Florentine Poppy #1 Green Depression Glass Cup

I almost forgot that I didn't write about Florentine Poppy #1 and #2 depression glass cups, sherbets and cream soups yet.  Prior post here covered tumblers, which are pretty easy to differentiate … [Read more...]

Green Depression Glass – An Assortment of Beautiful Glassware

Today instead of writing about glass I just wanted to look at it and admire the beautiful patterns and entrancing colors.  So I decided that's what we'll do with this post, show some of the prettiest … [Read more...]

Let’s Go to the Glass Show! Depression and Elegant Glass Galore

Last summer Deidra and I went to the National Depression Glass Association annual show.  We had a blast!  We wondered beforehand whether it was worth the 3 hour drive since there were "only" 32 … [Read more...]