Rose Point Classic Etched Crystal Stemware and More

Rose Point Etched Crystal 3121 Water Goblet from Cambridge Glass

Rose Point Etched Crystal 3121 Water Goblet from Cambridge Glass

Rose Point is special to me.  My mom and dad got a few pieces for wedding gifts but didn’t have enough to use and this sat in their buffet cupboard for many years.  When I started working with glass in 1999 I found their pieces and was so surprised they had such pretty glass they didn’t use.  In the meantime they had bought contemporary stemware so mom wasn’t interested in having me get her any more Rose Point.

My brother has their pieces now but Dave and I liked it so much we bought a set of 8 goblets and tumblers for us.  It matches my mom’s silverware and looks stunning with either our Blue Willow or Franciscan Apple dinnerware.

The goblet I’m showing is part of my inventory for sale – I don’t mix our personal glass with my business inventory – and that’s another story.  Rose Point is always expensive and for a long time I avoided buying it for resale because of its cost.  In the past few years I’ve stretched a bit to buy better glass, like Rose Point, and find it sells well.  My margins are a bit lower but that’s a trade off.

Recently I realized my Rose Point inventory was sadly depleted and was able to get several pieces including more water goblets  like the one shown here.  Cambridge etched Rose Point on many stemware blanks, with line 3121 shown here the most common.  You can see a ball on the lower part of the stem held by three beads.  That’s distinctive.  Notice the beads on three sides on the upper part of the stem.  Some comports have only the three sided beads and not the ball.  Bill of Affordable Accoutrements showed a comport this week which is the 3121 sans ball.  Be sure to check his post out for wonderful table settings.

I’ve several more Rose Point pieces to list, including the tall sherbets, plates and ice tea tumblers.  They are all wonderful pieces of elegant glass.

Buying guide:  If you like Rose Point please check my store Cat Lady Kate’s Elegant and Depression Glass.  It’s like antiquing with your best friend.

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for stopping by to answer my question about the Rose Point comport. I also appreciate the kind mention in your post today. Thank you for your willingness to share your vast knowledge of depression and elegant glass with your readers. You provide a great service to us.

    I can see why Rose Point has remained so popular through the years. It has to be some of the most beautiful glassware ever produced!


    • says

      Wow! We have all boys so this might have been lost on them. I would have made this the adults table ;) Those plntas in little pots are awesome though!

  2. Vivian Word says

    I have a complete set of Cambridge
    Rosepoint that I would like to sell as I am
    moving to a Retirement Home. There may
    be one slighlly damaged but I have sherbets,
    water glasses, salad plates and fruit cups (?)
    Would you be interested?

    Vivian Word
    408 College
    Marvell, AR 72366

  3. says

    I have some pieces that I am giving to my granddaughter who is getting married in May and would like to fill in missing pieces…Can you please let me know prices and where I can purchase the same…..I have had mie 57 years… Thank you…..

  4. says

    Thanks! I wish I could keep them all.Oh and the post office made me fill out a form dneailitg what I was sending to you so the box may say there’s a scarf in there but it’s really chocolate hehe

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