Glass Pattern Guide – Fostoria Heather Etched Crystal

Fostoria Glass Heather Etched Crystal 2-Part Relish

Fostoria Glass Heather Etched Crystal 2-Part Relish

Isn’t this  a pretty design?  The etch is Fostoria’s Heather, blooming all over a small 2-part Century relish.  There are other heather etches that look a little like this, but Fostoria’s is distinctive.  Look for clusters of leaves and blossoms that radiate from a center.  The bloom on the left side shows this most clearly.

The other distinctive characteristic that tells you this is Fostoria’s etch is the blank.  Fostoria used their Century blank for Heather and the edges all have little curlicues on the rims.  For some reason they didn’t use the stems that were part of the Century line, but instead Fostoria used the Silver Flutes blank for stemware.  Silver Flutes has curlicues all along the stem, a little more ornate than the Century stemware, but more graceful.

Fostoria Glass Heather Etched Crystal Footed Ice Tea Tumbler

Fostoria Glass Heather Etched Crystal Footed Ice Tea Tumbler

This ice tea tumbler shows the curlicue stem.  Of course the champagne sherbets and water goblets have longer stems and are more noticeable.  One good thing about the curlicues is they make the pieces easy to hold.

Fostoria made Heather for a long time, 1949 to 1971, so it endured through the mid-century modern style and the resurgence of colonial in the 60s.   They made it in crystal only, no colors.

You can find stemware, accessory pieces like the relish shown, candles, decorative bowls and a full dinnerware set.  If you are thinking about getting etched vintage glassware for dishes, I recommend patterns that have designs in the centers of plates, not just on the rims.  The designs hide small signs of wear and make your pieces more usable since you won’t be so concerned about someone scratching the plate with their fork.

I don’t have a candle to show you, which is unfortunate.  The Fostoria Century blank candleholders are lovely graceful curled shapes that look wonderful with this curvy etched design.

Come pick a bouquet of Heather, etched that is, and enjoy vintage glass for stemware, dinner, candles and more.

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