Fostoria Chintz Beautiful Etched Crystal Bowls

Fostoria Glass Chintz Etched Crystal Bowl

Fostoria Glass Chintz Etched Crystal Bowl

Here is another of the beautiful Chintz etched crystal bowls from Fostoria Glass  This one is plain, no handles, no feet, the classic flared bowl that is anything but boring.  A couple weeks ago I showed a round bowl with winged handles that is perfect for salad.

This one would also be good for serving food and it takes up a little less space in your cupboard if you don’t plan to display it between dinners.  It has large molded fleur de lis around the sides as you can see and a scalloped rim.  It is even prettier in person than in the photo.

Both styles are considered “console bowls” in the sense of being decorative, although Fostoria made these from 1940 to 1973, after the heyday of console sets.  They look great with candles flanking on a side table – your classic console set – or you could display holding fruit or colored balls at Christmas time.  Chintz is a pretty pattern and this simple bowl with graceful shape is perfect to show the design.

Post showing winged handled Fostoria Chintz bowl.

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