Fancy Fun Friday – Frosted Green Depression Glass Measuring Cup

Welcome to this week’s Fancy Fun Friday! Today we’re showing something our grandmothers would have used to make their kitchen bright and appealing.

Green Depression Glass Frosted Satin Measuring Pitcher

Green Depression Glass Frosted Satin Measuring Pitcher

Isn’t this neat?  It’s a measuring cup and it has a ledge so it could hold a reamer.  Compare this to the plain glass measuring pitchers you have in your cupboard today.

Something that I particularly like about this is the frosted satin finish.  Satin glass has a wonderful texture that you just have to touch.  Couple that with the cheerful green glass and you have a winner.

It’s interesting that our grandmothers would have something so pretty in their kitchen, even during the gloomy days of the depression.  Remember back then no one had bright plastic storage containers or cute liquid soap dispensers.  If they wanted color they reached for glass.  Glass companies made green cups and refrigerator dishes or pink or amber mixing bowls.

Today we have the fun of collecting fancy little pretties like this vintage green measuring cup and adding the same cheer and color to our homes.

Shopping Information:  You can add Fancy to your kitchen with this frosted green depression glass measuring cup here.

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