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Cambridge Glass Rose Point Etched Crystal Ice Tea Tumbler

Cambridge Glass Rose Point Etched Crystal Ice Tea Tumbler

If you’re like me you wonder why glass companies would have sold special pieces just for iced tea.  Do people drink enough iced tea to warrant a special stem?  And why isn’t there a special glass for sodas or lemonade?

Elegant glass companies made their beautiful vintage stemware long before soda became a daily drink.  I will show my age here.  When I was a kid my mom bought one large bottle of soda each week and it was a treat for us five kids to divide that soda among all of us.  (A large bottle held about 40 ounces.)  We had a rule that the person who poured the soda was the last one to pick their glass.

A few companies did make special pieces for lemonade, usually these were tumblers with handles.  Companies made iced teas as a matter of course in their stemware patterns.

Iced tea tumblers are larger than a traditional water tumbler, holding about 12 ounces, and some look more like goblets with long bowls and short stems.  This Rose Point ice tea is a good example.  It is on Cambridge Glass’ line 3121, which is their largest and most often found Rose Point stemware.  Can you see the round ball near the bottom of the stem and the little glass curlicues that hold the ball?  That’s line 3121 with its sets of three curlicues around the stem.

Bill, of Affordable Accoutrements, showed off his Rose Point stemware in his recent Tablescape Thursday post.  You can see how great this etched crystal looks with china.

We bought several pieces of Rose Point, including ice tea tumblers and water goblets, for our personal use.  We use the ice teas for ice water and the goblets for wine, or put iced tea or soda in the tumblers and water in the goblets.  It works either way and we enjoy using ours on Sundays or when friends come over.  Using vintage stemware makes the meal special.

Shopping Information:  We sell Rose Point crystal in our store Cat Lady Kate’s Elegant and Depression Glass.  It is one of the patterns we specialize in.  We know first hand how important glass is to you.

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  1. dishdiva says

    Rosepoint is beautiful but my heart belongs to Valenica and Minerva. My china cabinet is filled to the brim with both of these wonderful Cambridge patterns; the latest piece being a cordial. It’s so small and delicate I actually managed to find space for it.

    • says

      Lol your blog always makes me laugh! I feel like I’m hnavig an actual conversation with you! Your writing is so natural and pleasant. Now for this purging!! Love it! I am purging as I’m packing and I will purge some more when I unpack!! It feels great! Btw lil tumblers hmmm nevermind-NO-I will not offer to take them from you! We are past that too-we are purging not getting more!!

  2. says

    Candy .thank you. I am glad that you enjoy. If we can’t be at Granny’s more often than we are maybe these will help. Good luck with your purging. I feel that way too when I’m done. Love you bnheucs! k.

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