Spirals and Swirls – Bowls in Jeannette Swirl Depression Glass

When I first got some pieces of Jeannette Swirl I thought it was an OK pattern, nothing great.  Then I used it in a couple of table settings and was amazed how it looked, both alone and with other patterns, and with the pink and ultramarine mixed.  Some depression patterns seem to be made to use with others, they blend and complement and make the whole table sing.

Pink and Ultramarine Petal Swirl Depression Glass

Pink and Ultramarine Petal Swirl Depression Glass

I showed a few of these Swirl table settings in the last post.  Today let’s look at some of the interesting bowls in this intriguing pattern.

Here is the 9 inch rimmed salad bowl in pink.  Nice, yes?  Notice the scalloped rim.

Jeannette Petal Swirl Pink Rimmed Salad Bowl

Jeannette Petal Swirl Pink Rimmed Salad Bowl

And the same bowl in ultramarine.

Petal Swirl Ultramarine Rimmed Salad Bowl

Petal Swirl Ultramarine Rimmed Salad Bowl

Often bowls are among the harder pieces to find in depression glass.  Patterns may have one or two bowls that are easy to find but more ofthe bowl sizes will be scarce.  The Replacements website mentions a lugged soup bowl which my Gene Florence Depression Glass Book  omits. I have never seen this piece and didn’t know it existed until browsing Replacmeents.

There are two styles of footed console bowls.  This one with the closed handles is really pretty.  The other has handles on the side and I’ve only seen it in photos.

Petal Swirl Ultramarine Footed Console Bowl with Tab Handles

Petal Swirl Ultramarine Footed Console Bowl with Tab Handles

One difference to note among bowls is whether they have the scalloped rim you see in the salad bowls above.  This is the smaller sauce dish size with the scalloped rim.  The cereal bowl and sauce dish are the same shape, just different sizes.

Swirl Pink 5 Inch Berry Bowl with Scalloped Rim

Swirl Pink 5 Inch Berry Bowl with Scalloped Rim

There is a cute little bowl that is about 6 inches across with 3 peg feet that is the open candy dish.  It also comes both plain and scalloped rim.

Looking at the rimmed pieces you might think they would tend to chip on the points or the inner rim, right where it connects to the body of the bowl.  Oddly, I have never seen a chipped rim on Jeannette Petal Swirl.  That doesn’t mean the pieces don’t get nicked, but it should reassure us that the pattern isn’t so prone to damage.  That’s always a good thing with 80 year old glassware!



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