Cambridge Valencia Etched Crystal – Wreath, Ribbon and Trellis

For some reason Valencia has been a wall flower, sitting in the corner while its popular sister pattern Rose Point gets all the attention.  Cambridge made Valencia from 1933 to 1939 only in crystal.  Although they produced it for 6 years, it must not have sold very well as it is far less common today than its contemporary patterns, Rose Point or Chantilly.

This cocktail is the only piece of Valencia I’ve come across in 15 years of selling glass.  I found this in a dingy antique mall and immediately added it to my stash to buy.

Cambridge Valencia Etched Line 3500 Crystal Cocktail

Cambridge Valencia Etched Line 3500 Crystal Cocktail

The relative popularity of Valencia compared to Rose Point shows up in pricing. The cocktail shown was listed at $15 in the 13th edition published in 2009 of Elegant Glassware of the Depression Era: Identification and Value Guide by Gene Florence, while the same piece etched with Rose Point was $25. The other telling point is the sheer number of pieces. That same book shows 79 pieces of Valencia and 6 pages of Rose Point!

I like the wreath and cross hatch design in Valencia, although its a little more formal looking than breezy patterns like Chantilly or flower-filled Rose Point.  The wreaths are between cross hatched motifs that look like fences with flowers climbing on them.

Similar Pattern – Cambridge Minerva

Cambridge made a very similar pattern, Minverva, that I have never seen in person.  The main difference is the cross hatch trellis in Minerva is diagonal, making diamond shapes instead of squares.  This line drawing is Minerva from Replacements.

Cambridge Minerva Etched Goblet Line Drawing from Replacements

Cambridge Minerva Etched Goblet Line Drawing from Replacements

Based solely on the picture, Minerva appeals to me more than Valencia, as it is less formal or rigid.  The diagonals and curled scrolls over the trellis motifs add a light-hearted feel to the etch.

Valencia Pieces

Cambridge made dinnerware, a lot of stemware and some accessory pieces in Valencia.  The perfume bottle sounds interesting but I couldn’t find a picture to show you.  Other intriguing accessories include pitcher, decanter, honey dish, ice pail, cigarette holder and basket.

Cambridge used stem 3500, shown above, for most pieces of stemware.  It’s a distinctive shape with the textured knobs and stem and bowl with nipped in waist.

I hope you enjoyed reading about one of Cambridge’s patterns from the depression era.


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