Chip and Dip Set at Antique Mall

How to Be a Little Classy – Elegant Cheese and Cracker Sets

Which would you rather see?  A big plate of junk food with a plastic tub of cheese (or a bottle of Cheese Whiz) or something lovely like this Century cheese and cracker set from Fostoria? If you look for them, you'll find lovely two-part sets like this in all the colors or the rainbow. You can find amber ones like this, or … [Continue Reading...]

Cloverleaf Green Depression Glass Grill Plates and More

Please Don’t Drool on Your Keyboard – Depression Glass Colored and Clear

I get overwhelmed when I’m surrounded by beautiful things like this hall full of depression glass.  It’s like this huge, wonderful curtain just opened and it’s delightful to wander through and look.  I hope you like our virtual tour this evening! First up is pink Cambridge elegant depression glass beverage set, complete with pitcher, lid […]

Looking for A Good Reference Guide to Cambridge Glass?

It’s odd. There are several good reference books on Fostoria Glass, books on candle holders, books on depression glass, Viking Glass and more. But the books about Cambridge Glass that are readily available are different and harder to use. Instead of the gorgeous illustrated pattern guides we like – because they are so easy to […]

Heisey Twist Flamingo Pink Candle Holder

What’s Pink and Twisted and Full of Light?

This Heisey Twist candle holder, that’s what! Twist Pieces Some pieces of Heisey Twist make it look like a simple pattern with a skewed panel optic and flat sides  like the candle holder, or this lunch plate.  Can you see the Art Deco influence? Other pieces show strong Art Deco influence, especially pieces with handles that […]

Mystery Solved! Thank You Shelly

Mystery Solved! Last post I asked for help identifying my beautiful mystery bowl.  It is a beautiful shade of blue, with a wide flat optic rim.  The bowl is round, with no protrusions or flat edges, which ruled out several patterns including Fostoria Fairfax.  Here is the original post asking for help:  Help! Mystery Glass […]

Blue Elegant Depression Glass Bowl

Help! Mystery Glass Alert! Blue Elegant Depression Glass Bowl

I bought this thinking it might be Fostoria Fairfax, even thought it didn’t look quite right. The shape of the bowl is too rounded in the base, not like any of the Fairfax bowls we’ve seen, and the rim isn’t quite right. Fostoria Fairfax? This bowl has the right optic on the rim, but it […]

Cambridge Glass Windows Border Etch 704 Amber Cheese and Cracker Set

Amber Depression Era Glass – From Honey Gold to Deep Russet

I sold some Patrician plates recently and was struck by the color difference between amber glass from Federal and Cambridge.  Here is the amber Patrician plate from Federal, made 1933 to 1937. The color in the photograph is pretty realistic, it’s a light yellow gold color. Now to compare, here is the Etch 704 cheese […]