Not Just For The Birds – Tiffin Persian Pheasant Etched Stemware

One of the most interesting etched patterns by Tiffin is Persian Pheasant, made from the depression era into the early 1960s.

Tiffin Persian Pheasant Cocktail Vintage Stemware

Tiffin Persian Pheasant Cocktail Vintage Stemware

Tiffin used several blanks for this gorgeous etch, the one shown above is #17358, which was made later than some of the others, from 1945 to 1966. Tiffin produced this shape with an optic in the bowl and plain; I like optics because they add a bit of shimmer.

This next one from the Replacements website is #15037 which I believe was one of the older blanks.  Tiffin put the Persian Pheasant on this same blank in pink, crystal and green with crystal.  The colored ones are treats for the eye!

Tiffin Persian Pheasant Footed Water Tumbler from Replacements

Tiffin Persian Pheasant Footed Water Tumbler from Replacements

Here is the same stem in green and crystal. I think this is my favorite!

Tiffin Persian Pheasant on Green and Crystal Stemware from Replacements

Tiffin Persian Pheasant on Green and Crystal Stemware from Replacements

The design is pretty, two pheasants sitting on a basket overflowing with flowers. There are many patterns with pheasants or birds that have long tails like this. The way you can tell Persian Pheasant is the little vertical pillar like design in between each of the birds. Here’s a good picture of that part of the design.

Persian Pheasant Cocktail Showing Pillar

Persian Pheasant Cocktail Showing Pillar

We have only one of the etched cocktails left in stock as of August 2014. It’s in perfect condition of course and available here for under $25 with free shipping.

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