Fostoria Fairfax and Look-Alikes – Identification Tips

We’ve been posting about Fairfax, the pattern that Fostoria Glass used as its workhorse during the 1930s and early 1940s.  There are similar patterns that can be mistaken for plain Fairfax.  Let’s look at a few of them.

As a reminder, this topaz yellow salad plate is Fairfax from Fostoria.  Note the single optic in the rim and the edged sides instead of truly round shapes.

Fostoria Fairfax Topaz Yellow Salad Plate

Fostoria Fairfax Topaz Yellow Salad Plate

Fostoria Lafayette is somewhat similar to Fairfax – this piece is easy to spot as Lafayette due to the handles – and plain pieces can be confusing.  This is the Lafayette topaz sweetmeat, or small candy dish.  It’s a pretty piece with pretty handles, curvy shape and a lovely shade of topaz yellow.

Fostoria Lafayette Topaz 4 1/2 Inch Handled Sweetmeat Bowl

Fostoria Lafayette Topaz 4 1/2 Inch Handled Sweetmeat Bowl

I got this beauty of a bowl at an estate sale.  At the time I was skeptical this was Fairfax due to the color and the optic isn’t quite right but didn’t really know what else it might have been.  A helpful reader pointed me to Cambridge, it is Line 40, the 14 panel bowl.

Cambridge Line 40 14 Panel Blue Bowl

Cambridge Line 40 14 Panel Blue Bowl

Another pattern somewhat similar is Molly by Imperial.  We are less likely to confuse this with Fairfax because Molly has more obvious corners and edges compared to Fairfax which is more subtle.  The optic is different too, but let’s include Molly to show the difference.

Imperial Molly Pink Cake Plate with Handles

Imperial Molly Pink Cake Plate with Handles

Take a good look at the handles on the Molly plate. Many Fairfax pieces have handles shaped like a bow, but a few have plainer handles.  The handles on this June etched Fairfax piece are plain but notice the handle curves up to a graceful arch while the Molly handles are pointed at each end.

Fostoria Glass June Azure Blue Two-Handled Bon Bon

Fostoria Glass June Azure Blue Two-Handled Bon Bon

We’ll pick up on more Fairfax next week.

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