Cambridge Diane – Etched Corinth Candle Holder, Unusual Piece in the 3900 Line

Cambridge used several lines for their lovely Diane etch; we showed the Martha sugar bowl in the last post and the stem 3122 before.  They also used the 3900, Corinth shape, for a few pieces, notably this candle holder, the 3900/74 trindle candlestick with the Diane etch on the round base.

Diane Corinth Trindle Candle Holder Cambridge Glass Etched Crystal

Diane Corinth Trindle Candle Holder Cambridge Glass Etched Crystal

It took me a bit of research to identify the line number for this holder; it is a little like the line 3500 Martha holder with its curlicues and extra bits of glass to catch the light, but Martha lacks the pierced center.  Here is the Martha holder for comparison – you can see how ornate this is.

Chantilly Etched Crystal Martha 405 Candle Holder from Cambridge Glass

Chantilly Etched Crystal Martha 405 Candle Holder from Cambridge Glass

Cambridge used the Corinth candle holder for other etches, including our favorite Rose Point, but you are less likely to come across it than the more common line 3400 shape with its pretty key hole.

We have the Diane etched Corinth candle holder listed here and it is on sale this week.

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Cambridge Glass Etch 739 Green Console Bowl Detail

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