More Optics in Vintage Elegant and Depression Glass – Fostoria Fairfax

This Fostoria Fairfax cup has no pattern whatsoever, yet it has a unique style due to the optic and shape.

Fostoria Glass Fairfax Blue Cup

Fostoria Glass Fairfax Blue Cup

Plates show the optic in the rim. Can you see it here on the topaz yellow Fairfax salad plates? Fostoria used Fairfax for many etched patterns because the simple design looked wonderful with their gorgeous designs like June or Trojan. The optic added to the style without fighting.

Fostoria Fairfax Topaz Yellow Salad Plate

Fostoria Fairfax Topaz Yellow Salad Plate

I just listed the crystal Fairfax saucers which have the optic – and it’s easier to see in this photo.

Fostoria Fairfax Crystal Saucer Rim Detail Showing the Optic

Fostoria Fairfax Crystal Saucer Rim Detail Showing the Optic

Here’s the same cup and saucer, but with the Trojan etch. I love this pattern. It doesn’t look like much in my reference books, but when I saw it in person I was awed by the gorgeous shapes and design.

Fostoria Glass Trojan Topaz Cup & Saucer

Fostoria Glass Trojan Topaz Cup & Saucer

Some glass patterns used the optics to frame panels, that the company could use for etches.  On the saucer the Trojan design motifs, a palm shaped leaf and a little scroll, are on each of the panels between the optics, very appealing and delightful to look at. This is such an effective way to use the optic, take advantage of the panels.

Fostoria Trojan Topaz Saucer

Fostoria Trojan Topaz Saucer

We are going to need more posts to cover optics and how they are used to frame patterns and add a bit of sparkle!

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