Lana Sunshine Satin Green Depression Glass and Kind Words

I got a lovely note from Carol P thanking me for posting about depression glass.  Seeing their kind words made my day!  Here is Carol P’s note and her lovely new acquisition, the shallow octagonal bowl in Lancaster Sunshine or Lana green depression glass.

“What prompted me to write was my purchase today, which I only was able to identify (I hope!) from one of your most recent tutorials on Lancaster Lana/Sunshine pattern. I am attaching a pic of it because it is so beautiful, and if not for you, I would have completely passed up this $2.99 11.5 ” of awesome satin aqua glass! Thank you for sharing all of you expertise with me and so many others so that we can learn to enjoy what you so clearly love!”

Lana Sunshine Green Satin Depression Glass from CP Family

Lana Sunshine Green Satin Depression Glass from CP Family

Carol’s picture is a little small to see the pretty design. Sunshine has lines that cross each other on the wide rim and a cane center and you can find it in green and pink, both clear and satinized. This piece was clear green; the photo doesn’t show the lovely color but you can see the lines clearly.

Lancaster Lana Green Depression Glass 2-Handled Plate

Lancaster Lana Green Depression Glass 2-Handled Plate

I enjoy Lancaster depression glass: The colors are lovely, soft shades of green, topaz yellow and pink; the shapes are pretty and go well together; the designs are pleasing and simple. If you enjoy depression glass, keep your eyes out for awesome pieces and maybe you can find a treasure like Carol P!

Pineapple & Floral Clear Depression Glass Plate

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Iris and Herringbone Iridescent Cup

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Iris and Herringbone Crystal Depression Glass Butter Dish

Iris and Herringbone Depression Glass on Parade

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Full of Ruffles and Flowers – Jeannette Iris Bowls

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American Sweetheart Monax Depression Glass Soup Bowl

Soup’s On! Depression Glass Soup Bowls

When you get a bowl of soup at a restaurant it’s usually served in a wide, shallow bowl. Interestingly, soup bowl shapes haven’t changed that much in the 80+ years since the Depression era. Soup bowls back then also were wide, shallow flat bowls. Here’s the soup bowl in American Sweetheart. It is deeper than […]

Patrician Amber Depression Cereal Bowl

Puzzling Sizes and Shapes in Depression Glass – Cereal Bowls

One of the pieces that always puzzles me is the American Sweetheart cereal bowl.  It isn’t very big and it’s shallow, 5 3/4 inches wide and less than 1 1/2 inches tall right to the scalloped tips. It doesn’t look big enough to hold much and so shallow that it would be sloppy to use. […]